Handmade Buttons by Bob Benson

About the Artist

I've been working with this palm seed for 25 years. I've made mostly bowls and buttons for the past 5 years. In 1982 I was on Pohnpei island in Micronesia putting in a running water system for a small remote village. At the end of the project  the village chief gave me a sack of nuts and said " this is the only place in the world that these trees grow." So I came home and started making various items. Since they are naturally bowl shaped, bowls were my first project. For many years I did woodturning trade shows. At one of these shows I met a guy who was an importer exporter of carved items from Bali. He said he knew of some old ivory carvers that were looking for work and I gave him some palm seeds to take to them. For many years I had them carving scenes on the whole seed. Now I have them carving buttons from the seed and carving various embellishments I put on the buttons out of bone, Mother of Pearl, and red coral. Below are some of the hand carved buttons from Bali. 
 $10     HUSK OF THE SEED       $15   BALI DESIGN                  $10     HUSK OF THE SEED

$30     spider                                                                          $30          rabbit

                $30        beatle

           $30       parrot                                                   $30      tortoise                                             $30      frog


    $25      whale                                    $30         elephant                    $30        dragonfly               $30  butterfly


    $30    BEE                                 $30            BEATLE                     $30          BAT                             $15    BALI DESIGN ( SEW THROUGH)
                       CARVED SALMON $10 EACH


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