Handmade Buttons by Bob Benson


I can make a button for you of the embellishments I have on hand at the time. I will need to know a few things in advance. 1) what size your looking for 2) what embellishment 3) what kind of texturing 4) what colors. 5) rhinestones added ?  
 Below are other items I make such as beads, bowls and goblets. I have an assortment of the whole seed carved by the carvers in Bali. Those themes are the following: asian dragons, tree frogs, frogs and magic mushrooms, whales, salmon, bats, turtles (land and sea) eagles, ganish, european dragons. all whole seed carvings are $60 each plus shipping and insurance. 

 PICTURE BUTTONS: My most popular buttons are gnomes, victorian chlidren, nursery rhymes,( little red riding hood, three bears, little bow peep, dancing bears, and a few others).

 I make bowls and lidded containers as well. Bowls are small about 2 inches in diameter color and texturing are different on all bowls. Colored and textured bowls are $15 each. Natural edge bowls, colored and textured $15 each. Lidded containers textured and colored are $30 each. I can make a lid into a button if you like, same price. 

                                                                 THE PICTURES BELOW ARE EXAMPLES ONLY NOT FOR SALE-
pictures by jessica irwin(colormaiddesign@gmail.com)       USE THE CONTACT PAGE TO INQUIRE ABOUT WHAT IS AVAILABLE
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